Bonjour! I’m so glad to have you visit. Come on in and maybe laugh a little at this crazy thing I do called ‘life’. It’s a lot of fun, actually, and I hope you’ll enjoy reading about my shenanigans- footloose and fancy free!

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Bonjour! Welcome to Le Barefoot Aventuriste! My name is Sarah and I’m glad to have you stop by.

Blogging about life and adventures I’ve experienced has been something I’ve enjoyed for the past 12 years. However, this is a new adventure in my blogging world. My old blog is a thing of the past… a nod to the ‘good ol days’ of my youth. Now, as an adult, I have decided to start afresh.

I’m passionate about life. I love all things pertaining to it. I consider it an adventure, in fact, and since I enjoy my feet being free of any cumbersome entanglement (unless they happen to be very *adorable* entanglements!), you see why I chose my title.

So here you will find several things. 1) Random writings about my life in general  2) Lots of pictures, I hope, documenting said life experiences  3) Much enthusiasm as I take on this great big world and find all its secrets. Want to join me? I’d love to have you! So keep clicking away and be prepared for an Aventure d’une vie!

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